Questions are a part of everyday life. Some questions - like “what time is it?” - have obvious and simple answers, but other questions are challenging and confusing. Among the studied questions are ones asking about God. “Who is God”, “What does God think?”, and “Does God dictate morality” and many others are all questions many people have asked. The idea of God seems to show up all the time; people thanking God for their success in sports, in discussions about the beauty of nature, or just in everyday discussions. Whether we like it or not, God is tossed around in conversations all the time, naturally leading to questions about Him.

For the last three months we have solicited questions from our community about God, life, and the Bible.  Any subject and any topic was open for discussion.  Beginning July 30th, we are going to answer the most popular questions from people like you.

July 30 — “Why a Cross?”What was God’s purpose behind the life and death of Jesus Christ?

August 6 — “Why Gender?” Part #1What is God’s purpose in male, female and sexuality?

August 13 — “Why Gender?” Part #2How does God’s purposes for men and women work in a church community?

August 20 — “Why Church?” Part #1What is the big deal about church and is it really important?

August 27 — "Why Church?” Part 2What is the purpose of the church in our world and culture?

Each Sunday will include a 20-25 minute message to answer the key questions and then 15-20 minutes of answering live questions from our audience.