“Everyone who hears the words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” — Jesus (Matthew 7:24)


House Hunters, Rehab Addict, HGTV, DIY… we are a culture obsessed with building things, making things pretty, and remaking old structures.  What doesn’t get talked about often are the foundations on which those structures are built.  Yet if they go bad, all that is beautiful collapses.

The foundation of our life is the same way.  If it is carefully laid out, thoughtfully constructed, and built upon the right truth and right habits, our lives endure the test of time.  If they are hastily made, our lives can quickly fall apart.

Unseen is a two part series that will look at how to build the lasting foundation in our spiritual lives. 


Messages will include:

Heart HabitsSimple Actions to Train Your Heart for Faith


Life HabitsHow to Walk Daily With God


Our services are at 10am and include children’s ministry for kids ages 0-7th grade by our safe and well-trained kids ministry staff.