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There are few things more hopeless than barrenness.  A foreign land, surrounded by famine, childlessness, and death hardly seems like a place for one of the most beautiful stories of hope and redemption in the Bible.  Yet that is exactly what the Old Testament book or Ruth is all about.  It is a story of redemption through the power of a romance.  

Have you lost your hope in God?  Maybe you are facing difficult hardships, tragedy, or are just disappointed in life.  Maybe your marriage is struggling or you want to get married and the right person hasn’t come along.  This is the perfect series for you as we look at the themes of hope in God during tragedy and well as God’s will for romance and relationships through the characters of Boaz, Ruth, and Naomi.

Come and find hope for life and relationships again as we explore this amazing story.


Pastor Jeremy Gwaltney will walk us through the following topics:

February 11 — God and Tragedy: How Do We Find God When Life Stinks (Ruth 1:1-7)

February 18 — Faith and Action: The Importance of Taking a Step of Faith Instead of Just Talking Faith (Ruth 1)

February 25 — The Noble Man: Lessons Boaz Teaches Us on How to be a Man (Ruth 2)

March 4 — The Art of Attraction: Lessons Ruth Teaches Us on How to be a Woman (Ruth 3)

March 11 — Naomi’s Redemption: How God was Faithful in the Face of Tragedy (Ruth 4)

March 18 — A Portrait of a Woman, A Portrait of Jesus: What Does the Bible Really Say About Being a Woman (Ruth and Proverbs 31)


Our services are at 9 am and 10:45 am and include children ministry for ages 0-5th grade.


For more information, please contact us at info@hccgoshen.org.