Local Church Government

We believe that a healthy local church integrates three critical voices into how it is operated (church government).  The first voice is that of its congregants because the people, not the organization, are the church (Ephesians 4:15-16).  The second voice is that of outside oversight in a similar way as many of the churches in the New Testament looked to Paul, Peter, James, and others for wisdom and input (Acts 15).  The third voice is that of a local body of qualified leaders, called elders, who guide the spiritual and practical affairs of the community of believers — the local church (1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9).  At Harvest Community Church, we strive to integrate all three of these voices. How does this work?


We Are Elder Led

We are led by a qualified group of men whom the congregation knows and recognizes as elders. Our eldership team, which is led by Lead Pastor Jeremy Gwaltney, is responsible for the care, stewardship, and important decisions that are involved for overseeing, operating, and leading a local church.  Our elders are listed below.


Jeremy Gwaltney
Lead Pastor

Jim Dreier
Associate Pastor

Don Brubaker

John Moyer

Stan Peachey


Luke Stutzman



We Have Outside Oversight

Our eldership has strong relationships with other ministers from outside our local church context who can give input and insight into how we can be excellent in leadership.  These oversight team members provide wisdom and accountability for how we lead and conduct the operations of the church. Our oversight team includes:

Clem Ferris
Grace Church of Chapel Hill, NC

Dave Wells
Leader of LifeLinks International

Kendrick Vinar
Lead Pastor of Grace Church in Chapel Hill, NC

In addition to the oversight team, Steve Chupp serves as a personal consultant to Lead Pastor Jeremy Gwaltney.  His contact information is, steve@hccgoshen.org.


We Work Together in Teams

Harvest Community Church believes in team ministry.  From our Life Groups, to Team Harvest, to Celebrate Recovery, we do everything in teams.  This team dynamic allows for clear and expected communication lines among the congregants and the leadership.  Additionally, we have regular Church Family Meetings where the vision of the church is shared and feedback is received.

LifeLinks International Network

Harvest Community Church is affiliated with LifeLinks International, which is a network of like-minded churches with a vision of reaching our world for Jesus.  You can read more about the LifeLinks International network here.