There has been a lot of discussion and debate on the nature of justice in our society for the last few years.  It doesn’t take long before the name of Jesus and Christianity are applied to these debates.  “Jesus wouldn’t do that…” or “Why do Christians believe…” etc. are thrown around these topics all the time.

Beginning October 14th, Harvest will explore the topic of Jesus and Justice.  Our goal is to clarify some of the confusion in our society as well as unlock the amazing power to change our world found in Jesus’ idea of justice.


October 14 — You were Created for Mission — Lead Pastor, Jeremy M. Gwaltney

October 21 — What Jesus Thinks of Justice — Jeremy G.

October 28 — Not “Just” — Jeremy G.

November 4 — Just Us — Jeremy G.

November 1-4 is our annual Missions Weekend.  Come here from more than a dozen local and international ministry partners who are working with the poor, refugees, single moms, orphans, migrants, underdeveloped countries, and other social justice causes all over the world.

Our services are at 9 am and 10:45 am every Sunday.  We have an amazing kids ministry for children ages 0-5th grade made possible by our well-trained, security-checked, and loving Harvest Kids Staff.