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In recent years, we have become enamored with renovation shows on TV.  But have you ever noticed how the drama of these shows caries over into our everyday lives?  There are so many areas in life where the lack of constant upkeep can lead to a need for a renovation.  Hopefully, with a little care, it doesn’t required a total Demo Day!

This summer we are going examine four areas of our life that need this constant upkeep: parenting, marriage, aging, and our finances.  Who knows, by applying this simple practical advice from the Bible, perhaps we can avoid being a total Fixer Upper!


Our series topics include:

June 10 — Parenting: From the Nursery to the Dorm Room — Jeremy M. Gwaltney, Lead Pastor

June 17 — Fatherhood: The Foundations of Life — Jeremy M. Gwaltney

— Rolling River Rampage, VBS Sunday —

Join us for a very special presentation by our children reaping our week long VBS program

June 24 — Marriage: Table Talks and Life Long Memories — Jim Dreier, Associate Pastor

July 1 — Aging: Think Beyond the Vacation Home — Steve Chupp, Life Links Leadership Team

July 8 — Finances: Letting the Lord Build The House — Jeremy M. Gwaltney

July 15 — Finances Part 2: Couch Cushion Change for a Lifetime — Jeremy M. Gwaltney


Our services are at 9 am and 10:45 am and including a wonderful children’s ministry for kids ages 0-5th grade lead by our safe, secure, and well trained Harvest Kids staff.