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There seems to be a common factor in most human behavior — we like things.  Indeed, we tend to hang out with the people we like the most, eat the foods we like the most, and do the activities we like the most.  It seems simple, we tend to be about those things we enjoy.

However, for many of us, the idea that we are supposed to enjoy God seems wrong, maybe even scandalous.  Isn’t God supposed to be first and foremost dutifully obeyed and served?  What if you were to find out that the Bible paints a picture of God who first and foremostwants to be enjoyed, and that enjoying him should be our primary motivation for knowing Him?  Seems too shocking or too good to be true?  Then join us as we explore Enjoy More this Spring.

God's Greatest Delight

The primary purpose of humanity is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever. In other words, God is happiest and most delighted when those enemies who radically pursued their own choice of pleasure in rebellion to God, change and choose to pursue God because he is the supreme experience of pleasure. In other words, God’s greatest delight is for others to enjoy (not serve) Him.


The Power of Treasure

If our treasure can be measured by the joy it brings us, then the key to being a faithful follower of Christ is maximizing our joy in Jesus. In other words, don’t try harder to serve Him, rather we should invest in enjoying Him more.


Enjoying God

Message by guest speaker, Kendrick Vinar, lead pastor of Grace Community Church in Chapel Hill, NC.


Serve for Joy

If God is invested in my happiness and joy, why should I do anything that I don’t like to do?  Why should I serve, why should I suffer, why should I endure difficult things in life?  The reality is that the secret to happiness in God is just that — its found in God.  Its found in the “joy of the Master.”


In All Things Enjoy God

If God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him, then the way we bring God maximum glory is to invest in enjoying the life He has given us.