Harvest Community Church is taking a fun, “light” look at the Christmas season. Jesus came as the Light of the World and that light is meant to shine on every aspect of our lives so that we can enjoy life and enjoy Him. This Christmas season we will have fun for the whole family through this simple teaching series.

See and Know the Light of the World

As we enter the Christmas season we can walk with a real understanding of how much God wants to know us. And to do that, he really wants you to know him. And because he wants you to know him, you can come to him as you are and receive the “light of life” which is all you really need to thrive in who you are.


Jesus: Light of My Family

Like the lights we use to decorate our tree and homes, family can bring a lot of joy and richness to the Christmas season. However, we might have to deal with the tangled dynamics, broken pieces, and crooked experiences to arrive at that joy. What instructions does Jesus give us so that He can be the Light of our Family during the holiday season?


Behind the Pageant

Harvest Community Church’s 2015 Christmas Play