“He who has ears, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” — Jesus

It is true that when many people think of church, the first thing that comes to their mind isn’t “authentic.”  Words like “judgmental”, “fake”, or even “superficial” often come to mind.  But this is not the community that Jesus envisioned when he created the church.

Tune into our 8-week journey to examine the words of Jesus in Revelation 1-3.  In these three chapters we will see Jesus’ desire for a genuine and authentic community.  A community that is full of real people, with real problems, seeking to love each other in a real way as we worship and obey the real Jesus.  We invite everyone to come and experience just such a community of Jesus.

Enduring Faith

An Authentic Community of Faith declares to the world how amazing their God is by resisting worry; because ultimately worry is a worship issue that declares where our true affection and trust is found.


Authentic Life

An Authentic Community of Faith that isn’t alive with the Holy Spirit or the Holy Spirit’s concern (i.e. a desire to change the world with the message of Jesus) will soon be dead.


Hot, Cold, or Lukewarm?

Message by guest speaker, Ben Goodman, Pastor of Leadership Development at Manna Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina.


The Tolerance Lie

An Authentic Community of Jesus must grow graciously comfortable with the tension of passionately pursuing the purity of Jesus and His truth, while passionately pursuing and accepting those whom Jesus desires to know and save.


Authentic Worship

An Authentic Community of Jesus worships by being completely satisfied with Jesus and proclaims that satisfaction to all others.


Authentic Endurance

An Authentic Community of Jesus is so engaged in the reality of who He is that it will endure all things in pursuit of Him.


Authentic Love

An Authentic Community of Jesus never compromises the truth of Jesus and it demonstrates the love of Jesus by loving each other and loving our world.


Jesus, Lord and Friend

Authentic Community, the community of Jesus, begins with the right understanding of who Jesus is and how we relate to him. It is found in the Jesus our heart desires, in being the people we are called to be, and connected to the community that Jesus created.