Join us on a journey in 40 Days in the Word, as we learn how to not only be a “hearer” but a “doer” of God’s Word.

Our 40 Days study will take place starting Sunday, January 24th and continue through Sunday, March 6th, 2016.  It will combine five practical elements — Sunday morning messages, small groups studies, personal study, a seminar and an outreach opportunity — to help you learn to love and live the teachings of Jesus found in the Bible.  In these seven weeks we will explore the big issues related to the Bible and its message, give you practical tools for your own personal study, and give simple teaching and discussion for you to put that message and study to work in your life.

What Is the Word of God?

Next to Jesus Christ Himself, the Word of God is the most significant revelation of God to humanity. As a result, it is not a document that is supposed to be read for knowledge sake, but a living Word that changes our hearts and is meant to be lived.


How Do We Know the Bible Is True?

Jesus claims God’s Word is truth, and we believe that God’s Word is the Bible. But how do we know the Bible is true? For that matter, where did the Bible come from and how is it we can have confidence in its accuracy, reliability, and claims?


Lord, Open My Eyes

Clem Ferris, part of Harvest’s oversight team, delivers a message on hearing the Word of God.


What Is the Old Testament All About?

The Old Testament is so much more that the history of the world, the history of Israel, or a collection of rules and laws. It is fundamentally a theological epic: the epic love story of a passionate God who pursues a people in order to make a kingdom of harmony, adventure, and joy. And yet, time and time again, God is rejected. The begging question of the epic is, “What will God do about it?”


What Is the New Testament All About?

The New Testament is much more than a collection of moralisms from a great religious philosopher or a collection of books on how to live our lives.  It is about God’s solution to the problem plaguing humanity — the problem of sin.  That solution is found in the person of Jesus Christ — who is our Prophet, our Priest, and our King come to rescue us through His life, death and resurrection.  He has gathered a people to Himself, the church, and given them the task of advancing His kingdom into every family on earth.  Because of Him, we will get to enjoy God forever.


Daily Devotion

God desires to have conversations with us every day. His presence is all around us and he is ready to talk with us at any time. However, we are often distracted and unavailable. God has given us the Bible to equip us and to help us think like he thinks. Let’s take the time to meet up and talk with God.


How Does God's Word Impact My Daily Life?

After 40 Days of studying God’s Word, learning about its major themes and issues, and being coached on how to make it a priority in our lives there remains only one critical question: how does the Bible impact my life each and every day?  It has amazing big ideas, but is it useful in my day to day life circumstances?  After all, it really must interact with my life in order to live it.